I had an idea of an Advertising Service in 1996 where I would deliver Ads to unique regions of the Internet. On 8/19/2022 I began the Pioneer Ads Advertising Service. The system is driven by a two level Affiliate Program. Affiliates earn 40% on Advertiser Click Prices and 10% of the Advertiser Click Price of Affiliates they Signup. Ads are delivered by a Search Bar. We have plans of expansion in the future to Custom Advertisements, Ad Content Windows, and Text Ads.


I went to Penn State University and majored in Management Information Systems. In my senior year, I began Vonset Corporation, which featured ten products ranging from Computer Software to E-Commerce, and Herbal Supplements. Vonset Corporation has become Hoover Products Corporation after two decades and now features Advertising, and Content Delivery Services.

John D Hoover Jr Military Photo

A little bit more about myself, I joined the U.S. Navy when I was eighteen years old to obtain more discipline for college. I served aboad the USS Patriot MCM-7, part of Rotational Crew Hotel. I then boarded the USS Scout MCM-8 to complete my duties. I was Honorably Discharged in 1995.

German Catholic Cross

I was raised in a catholic family. I went to church every Sunday since I was small. I study the catholic religion more rigorously now, and find it fascinating.

german flag

I have a german surname, Hoover which is from Huber, means an owner of land. I go to German Night at the church in the city every year to celebrate my last name.

Thank you for your interest!
John D. Hoover Jr